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Vispring Mattresses

Vispring Mattresses

Explore the range of Vispring mattresses available at Beds Are Uzzz. Speak to one of our dedicated Vispring Experts in store, via the phone or on live chat to get expert advice and support.

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Explore the Vispring mattress range

When searching for your next mattress, it is essential that you find something that provides you with the optimum amount of support and comfort for your own unique shape. Body composition, size, sleep position are all factors that you will need to accommodate for in your mattress choice. Vispring has created an expansive collection of remarkable mattresses, each unique in their design. The variance in styles ensures bespoke luxurious comfort for everyone’s sleep needs within this collection.

Beds Are Uzzz are proud to be partnered with one of the worlds most prestigious bed brands. Our aim to help you to establish exceptional comfort with every night’s sleep. Browse our selection of Vispring mattress online or visit your local Beds Are Uzzz store, where you can explore this phenomenal mattress range.

What goes into a Vispring mattress?

This selection of six Vispring mattresses can be paired with any Vispring bed base. The Vispring bedstead mattress range allows you to choose from a variety of mattress sizes, from small single through to emperor. Each mattress embodies a unique composition of technological, upholstery and border characteristics, giving differentiation in support and tension sensations across the range. This ensures that every sleeper can find the perfect mattress match.

Each mattress includes Vispring’s famous hand-nested calico pocket springs in combination with the finest quality exclusive natural materials, creating the most cloud-like comfort through soft and gentle support. Platinum Certified British wool, cotton, horsehair and bamboo are to name just a few of the exquisite fillings which play an essential role in cooling and ventilating your natural sleep environment.

The mattress borders are upholstered with protective wool as well as intricate side stitching to ensure complete support across the entire mattress surface. Horizontal handles aid easy handling when manoeuvering your mattress, whilst air vents are incorporated to keep your mattress fresh and breathable.

Vispring De Luxe Mattresses

There are three mattresses within the De Luxe mattress range, each designed to pair with either the Divan De Luxe or the Divan Wool De Luxe. These mattresses comprise of a single layer of hand-nested calico pocket springs, as well as a mixture of exclusive natural materials.

The finest quality ticking, hand-tufted felt washers and two rows of side stitching ensure supportive comfort across the whole mattress surface. Each mattress includes horizontal handles to aid in mattress turning, as well as air vents as an essential cooling and ventilation mechanism.

Vispring Prestige Mattresses

The Prestige mattress range, which includes a selection of six mattresses, has been designed to perfectly pair with the Prestige Divan collection.
As with all Vispring mattresses, hand-nested calico pocket springs form the perfect balance between support and movement. Within this collection, you have access to a higher spring count, a greater range of spring diameters as well as the option of a mattress with a double layer of springs.

The Prestige range introduces a wider variety of exclusive natural fillings. Additional side stitching is incorporated within the design to enhance the comfort provided across the entire mattress surface. As with all Vispring mattresses, air vents compliment the natural ventilation of your mattress, whilst horizontal handles aid manual movement and turning of your mattress.

Vispring Sovereign/Viceroy Mattresses

This selection of four mattresses have been designed to dynamically pair with either a Vispring Divan Sovereign or Divan Viceroy.
Embracing a greater selection of the most exclusive natural fillings, as well as more generous usage of the famous hand-nested calico pocket spring, is what gives this most premium selection of mattresses the wow-factor.

Feel the added benefit of a double layer of pocket springs which create completely sumptuous comfort. To accommodate additional spring space, each mattress has a depth of either 23 or 25cm, as well as additional rows of hand side stitching.