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Drift off into your dreamiest night’s sleep yet with a fresh new pillow from the Beds Are Uzzz range.


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Your pillow is an essential part of your sleep environment. Choose from a wide selection of pillow sizes, tensions and stuffing materials at Beds Are Uzzz.

The connection between pillows and sleep quality

We all know how great it feels when you wake up, feeling bright and refreshed after a great night’s sleep. Sleep quality is intrinsically linked to our health and wellbeing, and therefore it’s important to get it right.

On top of finding a mattress that provides comfortable support, and a duvet that helps you to maintain the perfect cosy temperature, sleeping on the right pillow also has a role to play in sleep quality.

Did you know that the average head weighs between 10 and 11 pounds? Without proper support, the weight of your head can put a strain on your neck, which for some, can be the root cause of back pain and discomfort. Choose a pillow that maintains the alignment of your head and neck, whilst offering a comfortable level of support during a night of rest and recovery.

When should you replace your pillows?

The frequency of pillow replacement depends on several factors. The material that your pillow is made from will affect its comfort lifespan, but above all, if you do not use a pillow protector or wash your pillows frequently, replacing your pillows is important for hygiene reasons.

Some styles of pillow that remain plump and can be regularly washed should be replaced anywhere between every 2 to 3 years. Pillows that need to be dry cleaned and flatten easily may need to be replaced a little sooner, perhaps every year.

Over time, our pillows will inevitably become flattened and worn. When this happens, a lack of comfort and support will quite often cause discomfort and restlessness. If it’s adjusting your pillows at night that’s causing a restless night’s sleep, it’s probably time to invest in some new pillows.

Choosing the perfect pillow type

If your pillow is starting to look old and worn or has been causing you a few restless nights, it’s time to invest in a fresh new pillow or set of pillows. But where do you start?

Buying a new pillow is a completely personal experience. A pillow that one person may find comfortable, another person may struggle to get a decent night’s sleep with. For front sleepers, often a shallower pillow provides a better night’s sleep, whereas a side sleeper may prefer something a little plumper.

The Beds Are Uzzz pillow range

Our collection includes a range of Tempur, Vispring and Mammoth pillows. Choose from our diverse range of memory foam, latex, feather, down and viscose pillows offering various tensions and thicknesses.