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Natural And Organic Mattresses

Natural And Organic Mattresses

Enjoy a more natural night’s sleep on a mattress design that has been filled with materials produced and derived by mother nature. Choose from our range of both fully filled or partially filled organic and natural mattresses.


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When opting for a natural mattress, you can take advantage of sleeping on a mattress system that incorporates a range of earthborn fillings, some of which include wool, cashmere and horsehair. Snooze into a more soothing and refreshing night’s sleep.

What are natural and organic mattresses?

Natural mattresses are those that have been made from naturally derived materials. These materials are used to fill the mattress, forming layers with a specific functionality and comfort purpose. Some mattresses combine both synthetic and natural materials whilst others have gone the full hog when it comes to creating an entirely natural sleep surface.

What fillings are included within natural mattresses?

Within our range of natural mattresses, you will find products that incorporate a wide range of natural fillings including wool, cotton, cashmere, bamboo, horsehair, mohair and latex.

Each natural filling plays a role in facilitating a specific comfort sensation and mattress characteristics, such as natural durability, softness and breathability. These natural fillings are often combined with pocket springs to formulate an all-over body support system.

What are the benefits of natural mattresses?

Naturally derived and organic materials uphold fantastic qualities that make them brilliant fillings for mattresses. As well as being better for the environment and the ecosystem, natural mattresses are renowned for their supreme quality and unbeatable comfort.

These fillings have a natural ability to enhance the mattresses characteristics, such as offer better temperature regulation whilst you sleep or hypoallergenic qualities for a fresher night’s sleep.

Natural mattresses are available in a variety of tensions

Whether you are looking for a softer tension or something that provides a firmer level of support, as with all of the mattresses within our range, you can choose from a range of tensions.

Which brands offer natural and organic mattresses?

Our natural mattresses range is inclusive of a wide selection of mattress brands. Choose from some of the UK’s most popular bed manufacturers including Vispring, Relyon and Millbrook.