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Vispring Beds

Vispring beds are designed and tenderly crafted with nothing but a five-star sleep experience in mind. As the inventor of the pocket spring in 1901, Vispring continues to grow worldwide, renowned for presenting a high calibre of beds. With an exquisite selection of divans and mattresses to choose from, let us help you to synergise bespoke comfort and luxury style within your next bed.

Beds Are Uzzz proudly invite you to explore our stunning collection of Vispring beds. When choosing a Vispring bed, your carefully selected mattress is paired with its perfect partnering divan base. This ensures complete harmony between the unique, purposefully crafted characteristics of divan and mattress. Whilst this significantly enhances the supreme comfort offered by a truly immersible sleep environment, mattress and divan pairing also aids in ensuring the longevity of your mattress.

At Beds Are Uzzz, supporting you to find your dream bed is at the heart of everything we do. Take the opportunity to browse our collection of Vispring beds both online and instore.

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Vispring De Luxe Beds

Vispring De Luxe divans include 600 hand-nested pocket springs comfortably surrounded by a solid timber frame. These springs play an important role in intensifying the quality of sensational comfort provided by their pairing mattress. The De Luxe is upholstered with Platinum Certified Britsh fleece wool and cotton, whilst the Wool De Luxe is both softly and heavily needled with Britsh fleece wool.

Within this range, there are three mattresses to choose from. Each mattress upholds individual comfort characteristics, carefully constructed from a unique blend of exclusive natural materials. Platinum Certified fleece wool, cotton and horsehair are a few of the natural ingredients used to compose sumptuous comfort. Depending on your mattress choice, either 1326 or 1254 (150x200cm bed) hand nested calico pocket springs stimulate deep support for your every movement.

3 Mattress Varieties

Choose from three De Luxe Range mattresses

Hand Nested Pocket Springs

Mattresses include either 1254 or 1326 hand nested pocket springs (5ft x 6ft 6in)

Exclusive Natural Fillings

Natural fillings include Platinum Certified fleece wool, cotton and horsehair

Vispring Prestige Beds

There are two divan options available within the Vispring Prestige range, both of which include 950 hand-nested pocket springs (150x200cm bed) which work intrinsically with your mattress to provide the perfect mix of support and flexibility. Vispring divans are skillfully made using the finest natural materials, with the Divan Wool Prestige incorporating softly and heavily needled Platinum Certified British Wool.

Choose from the six mattresses that are available within this collection, each with their own variations in natural filling compositions, spring count and size. Natural fillings include hand-teased horsetail blended with Devonshire wool, Platinum Certified British Fleece Wool and hand-tied woollen tufts. Spring diameters range between 48mm and 60mm, with the number of springs ranging between 1476 and 2030 (for a 150x200cm bed). Subject to your own individual sleep needs, mattress thickness can contribute significantly to your quality of sleep. The Prestige range offers mattress depths of between 21 – 23cm to establish optimum comfort.

Hand Nested Pocket Springs

Opt for up to 2030 pocket springs (5ft x 6ft 6in) depending on mattress choice

Increased Mattress Depth

This range offers mattresses up to 23cm in depth

Exclusive Natural Fillings

Including hand teased horsetail blended with Devonshire wool and Platinum Certified British Fleece Wool

Vispring Sovereign and Viceroy Beds

These two magnificent beds feature an increased hand-nested calico spring count, stimulating bespoke comfort for your every move. The Divan Sovereign incorporates 1344 springs, whilst the Divan Viceroy embodies 2010 springs over two layers (for a 150x200cm bed). As with all Vispring divans, only the best natural materials are used, in addition to the finest quality ticking achieving an outstanding upholstered finish as well as lavish natural comfort.

This range includes Mattresses with depths of either 23 or 25cm, offering the topmost degree of supportive relief for the most soothing night’s sleep. This extra depth allows additional space for a double layer of the all-important calico nested pocket springs. These springs are smaller in diameter, giving an increased level of intricacy in support. With between 2242 and 2812 (for a 150x200cm bed) depending on mattress choice, there are enough springs to guarantee cradled cushioning for your joints and muscles. This premium collection invites you to enjoy the benefits of additional intertwined exclusive natural fillings including Hand-opened Mooseburger horsetail as well as Certified real Shetland wool blended with cashmere and mohair.

Increased Mattress Depth

Find mattress with up to a 25cm depth within this range

Additional Exclusive Natural Fillings

Fillings available include Shetland wool and cotton, hand-opened Moosburger horsetail, cashmere, mohair and Blended Premium Certified real Shetland wool and cotton

Hand Nested Pocket Springs

Mattress spring count ranges between 2242 and 2812 pocket springs over two layers (5ft x 6ft 6in)

Vispring Adjustable Beds

The innovative design of the Sapphire adjustable bed base gives you freedom and flexibility to establish perfect support for your optimum sleep and rest position. As with all Vispring divan bases, the Sapphire base integrates pocket springs, wrapped in wool and ticking for additional flexibility and mattress support. For ease of handling, this divan comes in a two-part design with a fully upholstered end draw as an additional option. The mechanical movement is both powerful and subtly quiet. Movement is easy to operate with a simple corded handset. Store your two favourite sleeping positions and return the bed to a flat position with ease. Each adjustable bed comes with a five-year warranty on electrical components.

When opting for an adjustable bed, there are four mattress choices to select from. Varying combinations of natural materials and upholstery characteristics gives each mattress a unique support sensation. Platinum Certified British fleece wool, cotton and Shetland wool, hand-teased horsetail, and silk are on the list of luxurious natural materials that can be found within mattress across this range. Each mattress includes a supportive layer of hand-nested calico pocket springs, with number and size of springs differing amongst the mattresses available. Mattress depths of 21 or 23cm are available, with all mattresses featuring air vents, the finest quality ticking as well as horizontal handles for ease of movement.

Sprung Divan and mattress

Pocket springs wrapped in wool and covered in ticking provides a flexible base

2 Position Memory

Save your favourite sleeping and resting bed positions with a two-position memory function

5 Year Warranty on Electrical Components

All electrical components have a five year warranty

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The Vispring Bed range has been carefully designed to provide exquisite comfort and support for all body shapes, sizes and sleep positions. Each bed provides a unique feel so that you can truly find your perfect match for the most restful night’s sleep.

Receive only the best support and customer service at every step of your bed buying journey. Our friendly and helpful sleep experts will assist you in finding a Vispring bed that you will love. We won’t be beaten on price, granting you exclusive access to only the best price offers on the market.

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Beds Are Uzzz in partnership with Vispring

In 1901, Vispring revolutionised the bed industry by introducing the world to the individual pocket spring. One mile of unique steel wire is twisted into thousands of individual, responsive pocket springs.

Sprung support is then softened by the finest natural materials including wool, cotton, cashmere and silk. At least four British fleeces are layered into every bed, for the perfect breathable surface.

These luxurious beds are handmade like no other. Each mattress is side stitched the unique Vispring way, guaranteeing a perfect nights sleep. 

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