Loft Beds

Designed to create a fun, space-saving sleep environment, the loft bed is a popular choice amongst those looking for their little one’s next bed.

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Shop online or instore for a range of kids loft beds at Beds Are Uzzz. Choose from a wide range of loft beds, available in an array of colours.

What is a loft bed?

A loft bed has the height of a bunk bed, but rather than an additional bed under the top bunk, the space is used for a variety of storage features including cupboards and shelves.

If you have recently decorated your child's bedroom or are in need of the next bed size up, a loft bed could be just what you are looking for. When limited on space, or in need of a few extra spots to store away toys and clothes, loft beds can be a particularly helpful way of keeping clutter at bay and making the best use out of bedroom space.

Some of the loft beds within our range also include a desk, which creates an ideal spot for colouring, homework and school projects.

To access the sleep space, the loft bed features strong steps up to the top bunk, and to ensure that your child has a safe night’s sleep, the top bunk area features sides around the sleep space.

Choose from a variety of colours to compliment your child’s bedroom space including white and black.