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Shop online or instore from a range of kids cabin beds. Available at great prices, we are sure that you will be able to find a cabin bed that your little one will love within our range. 

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As a fantastic way of creating a compact, space-saving sleep solution, cabin beds are a popular choice amongst many parents looking for a new bed for their child. Take your pick from a selection of colours, heights and design options.

Mid-height cabin beds at Beds Are Uzzz

Cabin beds are a fantastic way of creating a fun, yet comfortable sleep environment for your child. Our mid-height range of kids cabin beds are slightly taller than a standard single bed frame but smaller than a full-height bunk bed.

They feature a sturdy step up to reach the raised bed top sleeping area and a storage space for toys, clothes and shoes. These cabin beds also feature two shelves integrated underneath the sleeping area.

Choose from a variety of colours to compliment your child's bedroom décor including blue, pink, white and black.