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Are you looking for the perfect wooden headboard for your new or current bed? Shop online and instore for a selection of high-quality solid wood, veneer, laminated wood and wrapped finished effect headboards.

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    Frank Hudson Milano Headboard
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Here at Beds Are Uzzz we stock an array of wooden headboard styles perfect for a range of bedroom spaces.

Why choose a wooden headboard?

Many opt for a wooden headboard because of the versatility in styles available. As a traditional headboard material, there are many benefits associated with the wooden headboards such as timeless style, quality and durability.

Because the wood used to create the headboard can be sourced from an array of different timbers, treated with varnish or painted, it means that wooden headboards are available in a plethora of styles. When looking for something that compliments your bedroom decor, or matches current furniture, we are sure that you will be able to find something from our eclectic range.

Contemporary and traditional wooden headboard styles

When choosing a new headboard, many aim to find a style that works with the style and decor of the bedroom.

If it is something more traditional that you are looking for, we stock a selection of pieces that are sure to offer a touch of classic elegance to your bedroom space. Perhaps a slatted wooden headboard or Belmont designs could be the headboard that you’re bedroom space needs. We also stock a range of more rustic looking wooden headboards, in addition to some more alternative and statement pieces.

Within this collection, you can choose from a wide range of wood finishes. Whether it’s a classic pine or oak headboard to match or complement your current bedroom furniture, or a white or grey headboard, you can choose from an extensive range of wooden headboard colours.

Wooden headboards available in a range of sizes

Our collection is inclusive of a range of sizes. For single beds, such as guest rooms or children’s beds, find a selection of single headboards. The range is complete with wooden headboards available from single, right through to super king size.