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Are you searching for the perfect sofa bed that offers guests a comfortable night’s sleep when staying at your home?

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Here at Beds Are Uzzz, we offer a wide range of convenient, yet stylish sofa beds, perfect for creating additional sleep space. Choose from a range of colours and sizes, available at great prices.

Sofa beds at Beds Are Uzzz

A sofa bed is a fantastic solution for creating more sleep space in your home, where a spare, or guest bedroom may not be available. As a household furniture item that doubles up as a sofa and a bed, a sofa bed can be a great addition to any lounge, study or even kitchen as a comfortable seating option when not in use as a bed.

JayBe Sofa Beds

We stock a selection of JayBe luxury sofa beds. The range includes both modern and retro styles, made from high-quality fabrics. Find something that perfectly compliments your home décor and take your pick from multiple colour options.

Inclusive of a mattress, each sofa bed has been carefully designed to offer that all-important luxury level of sleep comfort, ensuring that your guests can awake in the morning feeling refreshed. The pull out bed can be easily accessed and erected via a unique roll-out mechanism and neatly put back away again when not required.

Find the perfect fit

Depending on where you intend on putting your sofa bed within your living space and how many people your sofa bed needs to sleep, we offer a great range of sofa bed size options.

If you are looking for something a little smaller for one sleeper, the JayBe footstool sofa bed may be just what you need. For something that sleeps two people and resembles a double bed, you may wish to opt for a JayBe two-seater or three-seater sofa bed.