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A folding bed can be a great addition to any household expecting guests. They are particularly useful if you don’t have an abundance of spare space, as they can be stored within small spaces.

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Whether you are hosting a get together with friends and family and invite your guests to stay, or have offered family to stay during a festive period or celebration when in need of extra beds a folding bed is a practical and space-saving alternative to a sofa bed or blow up bed.

Easy-to- store fold up beds at Beds Are Uzzz

Our selection of folding beds include a stainless steel base with leg support. A sprung base system allows the bed to be folded and unfolded quickly and easily.

Once folded, their slimline shape and castor wheels means that they can be rolled and stored away in a cupboard or spare room without occupying too much space. For extra protection, we also stock a selection of folding bed covers.

Choose from a range of high-quality mattresses

Treat your guests to a comfortable night’s sleep on one of our folding beds. We stock a range of JayBe folding beds offering a variety of mattress styles including memory foam, sprung and water-resistant. Our selection of JayBe folding beds is available in both single and double size.