Folding Bed Covers

Store your JayBe folded bed away from dust and damp with a JayBe folding bed cover. Whether you are storing your JayBe fold up bed in a spare room or cupboard, keep the mattress fresh for the next guest with a handy storage cover from Beds Are Uzzz.

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The JayBe folding bed cover

JayBe folding beds are a popular choice of guest bed due to the fact it provides a comfortable night's sleep, as well as being easy to store and assemble. Once your guests have left and you have finished with your JayBe storage bed, until next time, it is important to ensure that it is stored away safely, where it isn't going to become damaged, damp or dusty.

Your JayBe bed can be protected further by purchasing a JayBe folding bed cover. Each bed has a unique size cover that has been designed to protect the bed from dust and dirt so that your guests can enjoy a dust-free night sleep on their next stay.

The material is hardwearing, to protect the bed itself from any scratches and dents from other items being stored.