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A guide to buying a new bed: 10 things you need to consider 


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In this guide we’ll explore the key things you need to consider when the time comes to shopping for a new bed, mattress or both, helping you make an informed decision that won’t keep you up at night.

You don’t purchase a new bed or mattress very often, but when the time does come, there’s a lot to consider. Springs, fillings, bases and firmness, not forgetting what it looks like, how long it’s likely to last and how you’re going to get it up the stairs.  

1) What do you need?
Do you need a new bed, a new mattress, or both? Beds and mattresses unfortunately don’t last a lifetime (although good quality ones will last longer than others). If you’re regularly having a bad night’s sleep or waking up with aches, pains, stiffness and feeling sore, it could be a sign that your mattress needs changing. 

Other signs you need to look out for:

- How old is the bed and mattress? Lower quality products may need replacing at around the 8-10 year mark, especially if it’s had regular use during that time. But higher quality beds and mattresses that have been well looked after will need replacing less often.

- Is there visible deterioration such as sagging, lumps and bumps, tears, stains or discoloration?

- Have you had a much better night’s sleep in another bed?

- Are you moving or redecorating and going for a new look? 

You might choose to keep your bed and replace the mattress, providing there’s no wear and tear on the bed itself, especially on the base that supports the mattress. Or you could opt to buy a new bedstead and use an existing mattress, or a completely new bed and mattress. However, it is not recommended to buy a new mattress to use on an existing divan base with internal springing, and this often invalidates the mattress manufacturers guarantee.

2) Size
The most popular standard sizes on offer are single, double, kingsize or super kingsize. But there’s also small, standard, extra long, extra wide, higher and lowervariations of each. Not forgetting large super king size and even emperor size. Plus bespoke measurements for each option depending on the manufacturer.   

It’s important to measure the space you have available, and also the size of the bed if you’re buying a new mattress for an existing bed and vice versa.

3) How much do you need to spend?
Adults spend an average of a third of their lives sleeping, and that figure is even higher for children, babies and those who love their sleep. This is why a bed is such an important purchase. It’s an investment into your well-being and will decide the level of comfort you experience for a huge proportion of your life. 

Consider your budget carefully, but it’s always important to look at the bigger picture and think about a mattress in terms of quality and value, not just the upfront cost. You’re also likely to find that a good mattress and bed will retain its quality for longer than a cheaper mattress, providing more value for money in the long run.

4) The different types of bed
When choosing a bed the 3 main things to consider are:

- The level of support it will provide

- Whether it has any extra required features such being adjustable or providing hidden storage

- How it will look in your bedroom or spare room

Divan beds are one of the most popular styles of bed in the UK, and typically include a mattress supplied together with a divan base. Known as a box spring in the USA, a divan base is a solid box or a box with springs in, sometimes offering drawers in the base for storage. 

Ottoman storage beds are another popular choice due to their ability to hide mess and clutter (the base lifts up in one smooth motion to reveal handy storage space underneath). They also come in a range of comfort and styles, varying from brand to brand. 

You could also go for a classic bedstead, where you need to purchase the frame and mattress separately. These typically require self assembly, but they don’t need a separate headboard and you’ll have more freedom when selecting a mattress. When choosing yours don’t forget that measurements can vary across manufacturers, and you should always go by the size of the bedstead when measuring up at home as these are typically bigger than the mattress itself.

5) Headboards
Changing a headboard can be a great way to update the look of your bed or room, and also offers you the chance to customise your choice of bed at the time of purchase. When choosing a headboard you should consider the support it will provide when you’re sat up in bed, but also how it will look and whether it’s compatible with your chosen bed.

6) The different types of mattress
The mattresses available to you will depend firstly on the type of bed you’re purchasing, but also your preferences for comfort, firmness and tension. Comfort can be subjective, and everyone will have different preferences. Here are some of the most popular mattress types available in store and on our website: 

Pocket Springs

Memory Foam


7) Pillows and duvets
Don’t forget the pillows! You don’t want to hop into your new bed excited for a great night’s sleep and lay your head down on your old lumpy pillows. The Sleep Council recommend you change your pillows every 2-3 years, although high quality pillows can last considerably longer. When picking a pillow ensure it supports your head to keep good alignment whilst you’re sleeping. 

It’s a great idea to change your pillows at the same time as you change your mattress, as you could require a higher or lower pillow depending on the differences between your old and new mattress. 

Duvets have a slightly longer lifespan (up to around 6 years) and it’s a good idea to have summer and winter duvets to ensure you’re not getting too hot or too cold during the night as the seasons change.

8) Delivery
At Beds Are Uzzz we make everything nice and easy, including the delivery process. Most items can be delivered to your room of choice, and we can also assemble your new bed and take away any packaging*. We also offer completely free delivery on all orders over £250.

9) What happens to your old bed or mattress?
Whilst your bed might no longer be suitable for daily use, it could make do for very occasional use in a spare room (providing it’s given a clean and a new mattress protector). But it’s more likely that your old mattress has reached the end of it’s life. But what do you do with an old mattress? 

Fear not, Beds Are Uzzz can take your old bed and/or mattress away when delivering your new one*.

10) How do you care for your new bed?
Here’s a few things to remember when caring for your new bed and mattress:

  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions; this is important as some mattresses will need to be cared for in different ways. For example, some are designed to be flipped and turned whereas others aren’t.  

  • Use a high-quality mattress protector and wash this regularly.

  • Waterproof mattress protectors are available if needed, and will help keep your mattress clean if any accidents occur.  

  • Change your bed covers weekly to keep them clean and stop buildup of sweat, dirt and dust.

  • Clean any spills or stains immediately and allow your mattress to air out for as long as possible after.


If you have any questions about buying a new bed, our team of highly knowledgeable bed experts are happy to help. Get in touch or take a look at our impressive collection of beds and mattresses. 

Beds Are Uzzz are never beaten on price or service, so get in touch today. 

*These options may carry a nominal fee depending on the product and need to be arranged prior to delivery