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The Top Interior Design Trends for 2018

Whether you’re planning to completely redesign your bedroom this year or just looking to refresh your space slightly, these trends offer inspiration for the changes you might make over the coming months.

Bold and fashionable

2018 is predicted to be the year where pastels will give way to bright colours. Whether it’s furniture, paint or accessories, over the next few months bold tones, such as pink, green and navy, are set to appear on high street shelves.  

Last week, Pantone launched their colour of the year. The chosen shade, ‘Ultra Violet’, is a bold purple and is inspired by the mysteries of outer-space. Looking back over the past few years, there is no denying the influence Pantone has on interior design trends. And so, we can only expect to see purple become more and more popular in these upcoming months.

Subtly include bright shades through bedding or pillows, or go bold with your furniture or a feature wall. Bright colours featured around your bedroom will create a fashionable space, which will add light to any room - even during the dullest months of the year.

A minimalist retreat

Despite a move towards bold colours this year, minimalism has trended consistently, year after year. Minimalist design is ideal for a bedroom, as a clutter free space is perfect for a good night's sleep.

Creating a space that embraces this style isn’t about throwing out all your belongings. It’s a way to think about how you organise and store your things, creating a simple, more relaxing room. A minimalist design can also be a personal space, where the emphasis is on the things you love the most - whether that’s by placing a vase of your favourite flowers on the bedside or hanging a piece of artwork above your bed.

Whites and creams are popular to create a space that feels minimal, but consider mixing up the expected with some new neutrals. Sage is on trend to become a popular replacement to the wall colours often found in our homes, and would be a great way to add a personal and modern twist to this style.

Mixing metals

The space inspired interiors don’t stop at Pantone's ‘Ultra Violet’. Mixed metals are also going to become a popular home trend in 2018. With gold, silver and brass working alongside each other to add new textures.

Incorporate a mixture of metals and finishes into your bedroom, through your furniture or the accessories around the room, to create an effortlessly modern, put together space.

Bring the outside in

According to the Pinterest 100, nature will be inspiring our interiors this year - with organic patterns and textures becoming increasingly popular.

From mixed wood furniture to feature piece patterned rugs, bringing the outside in is definitely a trend that will inspire a fresh space. Potted plants with intricate patterned leaves are particularly expected to dominate in 2018, and are a great way to incorporate some brighter colours into your home.

With busy lives, it’s important that your bedroom is a place of calm and relaxation, and this style will definitely help to make your bedroom a peaceful retreat.

Make it yours

Redecorating your bedroom and choosing your furniture, gives you the opportunity to create a space that you want to spend time in at the end of the day. With these upcoming trends predicted for the year ahead, now is the perfect time to seek inspiration and plan for the changes you might like to make.

Ultimately your bedroom should be a place that reflects you and helps to make you feel the most relaxed, ready for a good night’s sleep and start to the day. At Beds Are Uzzz we have a range of quality beds and bedroom furniture for you to choose from, whatever you style.

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