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The key to the perfect night's sleep with Vispring

Are you searching for the perfect night's sleep? Find out why a Vispring bed could be just what you're looking for.

Did your body get the quality sleep that it needed last night?

Sleep is the body’s natural process of resetting and recovering ahead of a new day. Vispring beds and mattresses offer a more natural sleep environment that works in harmony with the body to enhance your quality of sleep.

Vispring produces a luxurious night’s sleep using only the very best materials that have been sustainably gathered from across the globe. Each mattress and bed has been intricately designed and makes use of a unique blend of natural materials from both animal and plant fibres.

These natural materials have been handpicked for their ability to enhance your sleep. Vispring uses an exquisite blend of 100% Platinum certified British fleece wool, bamboo fibre, cotton, vicuna, mohair, cashmere, silk and horsehair. Each of these materials provides soft yet robust support, natural insulation for temperature regulation, breathability, hypoallergenic properties and moisture-wicking for a cleaner and refreshing sleep.

Working to complement the unique cushioning produced by Vispring’s pioneering pocket spring, each natural material is meticulously placed and lovingly hand teased to produce the indulgent sleep that Vispring sleepers know and love.


Do you know where your bed was made?

In a world of modern technologies and automation, Vispring continues to harness the same tried, tested and proven handmade manufacturing process that was first harnessed in 1901.

When choosing a Vispring bed or mattress, your upgrade to luxury sleep is a bespoke process from start to finish. Made to order within the walls of the world-famous Vispring factory in Plymouth in the South West of England, a team of master craftsmen employ traditional styles of bed making that have been expertly perfected over six generations.

This artisanal bedmaking method includes hand teasing a selection of fine, natural materials over Vispring’s iconic honeycomb hand-nested pocket springs before side stitching by hand to ensure long-lasting stretch. This method of first-class bedmaking ensures that your mattress not only lasts for years to come but continues to provide cosy comfort night after night.


Do you wake up feeling refreshed every morning?

Buying the right bed requires careful research. That's why our team of dedicated Vispring experts have spent years learning all there is to know about these incredible beds. Finding a bed that guarantees the optimum level of support and comfort night after night, year after year takes time. When choosing a Vispring, you can enjoy many years of all-important quality sleep and five-star comfort.

Because Vispring takes a very specific approach to bed making that draws on upon traditional methods of bed crafting and naturally durably ingredients, each bed is designed to last for years to come. You can look forward to waking up feeling refreshed and revitalised, safe in the knowledge that your comfort is guaranteed.

Vispring are so confident in the standard of design, materials and craftmanship of their beds and mattresses, that they offer a comfort promise and a 30 year full guarantee. What bed manufacturers can match that?


Do you wish your bed was a bit bigger?

When it comes to choosing a new bed or mattress, size matters. Feeling cramped or unable to find a comfortable stretched out position can negatively affect sleep quality. Over time, enduring poor sleep quality can take its toll on our mood, concentration and general wellbeing.

If you find yourself experiencing a distributed night’s sleep because of your partner’s night-time movement or feel that you just need a little extra space to stretch out, it might be time for a bigger bed. This winter, Vispring are making it easier to make the change, with their size upgrade promotion.

Vispring’s size upgrade promotion means that you only pay for the size below the bed or mattress you choose, meaning there are substantial savings to be made. Sleep easy and stretch out with a more a roomy night’s sleep for less. The Vispring range caters for those looking for a single bed, all the way up to emperor size. Now is the best time to upgrade your sleep, so speak to our experts today


Does your bed match your individual style?

On top of being the cosy haven that provides the perfect night’s sleep, your bed forms the ultimate bedroom centrepiece. Vispring beds can be made custom to order in a style and design that suits you and your bedroom down to a T.

Create a bed that perfectly complements your bedroom by handpicking from a stunning selection of finishing touches. Whether you are looking for something bold and lavish, or naturally sleek and elegant, Vispring offers a great range of customisation and design options. Choose from a beautiful selection of legs, fabrics and headboards when buying your brand new, made to order Vispring bed.

If you need any help, advice or assistance with your new Vispring bed, our dedicated Vispring experts are only a phone call away. You can also visit one of our Vispring showrooms, and experience the premium quality for yourself.


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