How To Get Your Children To Sleep On Christmas Eve!

And, perhaps more importantly... making sure YOU get enough rest to get you through one of the busiest times of the year. But how do you get your children to go to sleep when there’s so much excitement building for Father Christmas to arrive? Our sleep experts share their top tips…

Christmas Eve Activities

Most children like to say they’re not tired and bedtime is their enemy, seemingly finding a burst of energy just as you start to think about settling them down for the night (little do they know that it will be their favourite thing when they reach their teens). By planning a day with a few different activities, you can be sure your little ones will reach the end of the day and (hopefully) fall straight to sleep. Just be careful not to do so much that they become overtired, research shows that children who enter this state regularly can find their sleep becoming disrupted, and with this, other issues can arise.

If you’re looking for a few different Christmas Eve activities for the kids we have you covered:

Whilst it’s unlikely that the weather will be glorious, this is Britain after all; if it’s a crisp winter’s day and the rain holds off at least, you’ll be able to head outside and spend some quality time with the family, whether that’s on a bike ride, or a walk to a local park. This is a sure fire way to entertain your children and get rid of some energy so they start to relax and get to sleep a bit easier at the end of the day.

If it’s a total wash-out and there’s no way you can get outside without the fear of catching a cold, there’s still plenty of indoor activities you can do!

1.  Christmas crafts: you can make your own stockings easily with some simple products from your local craft store, or a few extra Christmas decorations for the tree using items from around the house.  

2. Baking: why not create your own gingerbread house, or bake some festive cookies for your guests to enjoy over the Christmas period?

3. Cosy up with a Christmas classic; Elf, Home Alone, The Grinch... you can't go wrong!

Christmas Eve Box

Whilst this is certainly quite a modern tradition, it’s certainly a great way to give your children a little something to remind them it is a special day, and will hopefully encourage them to go to bed easier in the evening.

A typical Christmas Eve box for children contains the following:

  • Pyjamas (festive ones, obviously)
  • DVD
  • Book
  • Colouring/ activity book

Christmas Eve boxes are idea to give your kids something special to open before the big day arrives, and sets you up for a cosy festive evening in with the whole family. With festive pyjamas and a few Christmas classics to watch on television, it creates the perfect atmosphere for them to go to bed and feel rested for the following day.

As well as this, you could even track Father Christmas on his travels around the world as he drops presents off to all the good girls and boys, with the promise that after he travels past they must go to bed or there’ll be no presents for them!

Sleep Routine For Children

Getting your children into a routine can be hard, but it’s definitely worth it and means that come Christmas Eve, they should hopefully be ready to go to bed at their usual time (this also works if you’re able to bend the truth a little bit and forget to tell them that it’s Christmas Day the next day). Having a set mealtime, which leads to a routine for their bedtime story and for them to get their pyjamas on and settle down for the evening.

Designing a space that promotes healthy sleep is a great idea too, just like you there are external elements that will impact their sleep. And as youngsters, they need all the rest they can get. Their bedroom should be a comfortable space where they are able to relax, minimise the number of toys and disruptions that could distract them at bedtime and make sure there are 

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