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Beds Are Uzzz are proud to support AFC Bournemouth

We are proud to announce our recent partnership with AFC Bournemouth.


Proud supporter of AFC Bournemouth

For any athlete, sleep quality plays a fundamental role in overall performance. Many do not realise, but sleep is as important as physical conditioning and diet. 

From physical repair and recovery to restoring energy levels and supporting the immune system, quality of sleep is essential for ensuring that players are match fit. 

Ahead of the 19/20 football season, Beds Are Uzzz have donated pillows to the Premier League players and coaches at AFC Bournemouth to ensure that their quality of shut-eye is the best that it can be throughout their away travels. 

AFC Bournemouth Team

Dan Hodges, the club’s Head of Sports Science, was keen to stress the importance of sleep on an athlete’s preparation. 

“Sleep is a hugely-understated element of performance and is something we have been placing a large emphasis on.” said Hodges.

Hodges visited our store on Belle Vue Road in Southbourne where he handpicked the pillows ahead of the season.

“We have teamed up with Beds Are Uzzz in an aim to enhance sleep quality for all of our players during training and travel throughout the coming season.”.

The team are looking forward to trying out their new pillows during their first away game of the new season against Aston Villa on 17th August. 

The team here at Beds Are Uzzz are delighted to support a local club and hope that the pillows help to contribute towards a successful season. 

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