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Do you love to watch your favourite TV programmes and films from the comfort of your own bed? Live the dream and treat yourself to a TV bed from our stunning collection.

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    Kaydian Barnard Ottoman TV Bed in Artemis Light Grey
    Kaydian Barnard Ottoman TV Bed in Artemis Light Grey: Standard Double - 135cm
    Delivery Timescales 6-8 Weeks
    Guarantee 1 Year Guarantee
    Material Fabric and Upholstered
    RRP: £2,599.00
    Save: £870.00

1 Result


With your TV being positioned at the foot end of your bed, you can enjoy a closer viewing and audio experience. Choose from a variety of fabrics and colours including grey crushed velvet upholstered TV beds, available in sizes double through to super king size.

What does a TV bed have to offer?

Say hello to the ultimate relaxation zone. Within a genius amalgamation of modern technology, together with luxurious comfort, you can delight in your own stylish multimedia TV bed.

On top of providing a little more luxury functionality, our TV beds offer stylish and cosy comfort. Enjoy a slightly reclined headboard, a three-directional soundbar, a multi-functional controller, an auxiliary device connected via Bluetooth, sliding trays for DVD players and games consoles.

What size TV can I put into a TV bed?

Insert your TV into a nifty ultra-slim sliding mechanism. This accommodates for a 42” TV. You don’t even need to leave your bed to enjoy the full cinematic experience.