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Is it time to upgrade your night’s sleep with an adjustable bed from Beds Are Uzzz? Here at Beds Are Uzzz we truly believe that we can find a bed that provides unbeatable comfort, night after night, for everyone. 

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    Tempur Ardennes Adjustable Divan Set
    Tempur Ardennes Adjustable Divan Set: Extra Long Double - 135x200cm
    Delivery Timescales Express Delivery Available
    Guarantee 10 Year Guarantee
    Firmness Soft, Medium and Firm
    Special Price £1,393.20 Was: £1,548.00
    Save: £154.80

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Sleep is a very personal experience, and therefore choosing a bed should match our personal requirements. An adjustable bed allows you to enjoy complete customised comfort, night after night, at the touch of a button. Shop online or instore from a range of high-quality adjustable beds.

Check out our adjustable bed range

If you are someone who likes to spend a little more time in bed than others, or perhaps you would appreciate additional support or assistance when it comes to getting in and out of bed, an adjustable bed may be just what you need. Here at Beds Are Uzzz we have taken care to select adjustable beds from some of the top brands so that you can find a bed that provides a sleep experience that is the best that it can be.

Customised support

All of our adjustable beds are operated using a remote control. The beauty of an adjustable bed is that you can create a sleep and rest position that is completely customised to meet the needs of your unique body shape. Whether you are sleeping, snoozing, getting stuck into a good book or catching up on your favourite TV programmes, you can adjust the bed, simply at the touch of a button.

Adjustable beds take head-to-toe level of support to the next level. By altering the mattress position, you can focus on providing support to specific areas of the body, whether that be your neck, back or legs.

If you sleep with a partner, we also provide separate mattresses, within the same bed base, that operate independently from one another. This means that two sleepers can personalise their mattress movement without disturbing one another.

Hand-pick your requirements

When choosing an adjustable bed from the Beds Are Uzzz range, you have access to a collection of brands providing both the adjustable bed base and adjustable bed mattress.

Mattresses are available in different tensions, from soft through to firm, as well as a range of mattress styles. Choose from pocket sprung, latex foam, memory foam or medical grade foam adjustable mattresses.

If you require additional storage within your bedroom space, our range also gives the option to choose from adjustable storage beds.