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Whether you have just given your bedroom a new facelift, a completely new design or are simply looking to replace your current bedside tables, here at Beds Are Uzzz we stock a beautiful range of bedside table designs and styles.

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Bedside tables form an essential part of our sleep sanctuary, serving as both a functional and decorative piece of furniture.

A quintessential part of the bedroom

The home of the bedside lamp, alarm clock and a selection of evening comforts such as night time reading and a glass of water, our bedside table is a must-have bedroom furniture item there to provide all of the added extras needed to unwind and relax into a great night's sleep. Choose a bedside table that not only looks great but can facilitate all your desired night-time comforts.

Find your style match

We offer a fantastic variety of bedside tables to perfectly complement your bedroom décor.

Wooden bedside tables are often a popular choice for their timeless and versatile ability to complement a range of bedroom interiors. Choose from a stunning collection of wooden bedside tables, including oak and pine pieces. We also offer grey and white bedside tables, as well as rustic wooden styles with metal trims.

If it's more of a modern feel that you are going for, why not look at our metal and mirrored bedside tables. These are a superb option if you already have mirrored bedroom furniture, or if you are aiming to create the illusions of more space within your bedroom.

Drawers or no drawers?

Are you searching for bedside tables with or without drawers? Our collection features bedside tables without drawers, as well as designs with one, two or three drawers.

Whilst a bedside table without drawers can help you to achieve a minimalistic look Feng Shui, drawers can offer handy additional bedroom storage space, thus reducing bedroom clutter.

Bedside table sizes

Size matters when it comes to buying a new bedside table or bedside table set. There are a number of factors that you need to consider.

Firstly, measure the height of your bed, including the mattress. Beds are available in a wide range of heights. Opting for a bedside table that is too short or too tall in proportion to your bed height will not only look unusual, but it can also be incredibly inconvenient.

Secondly, your bedroom space. If you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom, choose a bedside table that doesn't look lost in a larger room. If your bedroom space is smaller, work with the space that you have got and opt for one of our smaller or narrower bedside table styles.