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Maintain the condition of your mattress by opting for a mattress protector. Shop from a wide range of mattress protector sizes with Beds Are Uzzz.

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    Brinkhaus Mattress Dust Mite Barrier 25 to 29cm Depth
    Brinkhaus Mattress Dust Mite Barrier 25 to 29cm Depth
    Delivery Timescales 8-12 Weeks
    Guarantee 1 Year Warranty
    Special Price £89.01 Was: £119.00
    Save: £29.99

1 Result


Designed to provide both comfort and a cleaner sleep environment, mattress protectors can help to facilitate an all-important quality night's sleep.

What are the benefits of buying a mattress protector?

Over time your mattress can become a haven for spillages, dust and sweat. Although you may change your bed sheets on a regular basis, sweat and bacteria can still seep through your sheets and build upon the mattress surface.

As you can well imagine, this build-up of bacteria and dust is not doing any favours for your health and it may even be affecting the quality of sleep that you experience. A mattress protector enables you to go one step further in achieving a more hygienic sleep environment.

Because mattress protectors are removable and machine washable up to high temperatures, you can wash away any bugs, dust and odour build-up and enjoy a fresher night’s sleep night after night.

In the long term, a mattress protector can actually help to extend the longevity of your mattress, so that you really can get the best out of your new mattress investment.

Variety of mattress protector styles

Shop from a selection of luxury mattress protectors produced by some of the UK’s most trusted brands including Tempur, Hilary Devey, Vispring, Brinkhaus and Protect A Bed.

With each being unique in style, find a mattress protector that provides both the functionality and comfort that you are looking for. Choose from cooling, quilted and dust mite barrier mattress protectors.

Mattress Guarantee

Here at Beds Are Uzzz we are working in partnership with Protect A Bed. When purchasing a mattress from Beds Are Uzzz, we offer a range of Protect A Bed mattress covers that can be bought with the mattress. These protectors have been designed to keep your bed clean, whilst offering superb comfort.

The Protect A Bed range includes four varieties, including waterproof mattress protectors. Each protector offers either 12 or 15 years of guarantee against mattress stains.

Find a mattress protector in a range of sizes

Our mattress protectors are available in a range of sizes so that you can find the right fit whatever your mattress size. Mattress protectors are often a common choice for children’s or guest room beds. We stock mattress protectors in small single and single sizes through to super king size and emperor.